We accompany your projects and events:

The wildest projects to the more conventional ideas, we attach special attention to provide high quality response to the most demanding requirements of our customers.
Very proud to work without shop, our shop located in Arras in the Pas de Calais working natural flower, artificial or lyophilized but also wood, metal, brass, fabrics and materials of all kinds.main_guirl.jpg

      You will find the pleasure of a true artisan quality work in these compositions on measures to ensure that your events are always unique and special moments.

Our Invention:

The history of the Rose Printed really begins in Arras in July 2005 with the primary objective to discover the rose "I love you" to love for Valentine's Day 2006, and with them an original design rose that fully satisfies.
Then it was a succession of different messages for all occasions.

After months of research processes of all kinds, the first printing of high resolution digital photograph of pink will emerge. We will decide then to protect our invention with the INPI and copyright.france to keep the exclusivity of our invention in 168 countries.
We are now serving a loyal and constantly growing and we want to thank all of our customers (and future customers) of trust in us.

Our Policy: Satisfy the Customer

So we must first of all understand customer expectations, invest, manage and make every effort to respond well every day and it evenly.